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Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
Leadership and the Power of Acknowledgment®:
How to Engage, Motivate and Inspire
IIL Learning Center
Course No.:
1 hour session
Credits: 1.0 PDU

About This Webinar
Participants will learn to use the readily available power of acknowledgment to engage, motivate, and inspire teams, employees, and people they lead and to strengthen their personal leadership skills. They will learn to use the tool of acknowledgment in an immediately effective way.

This Webinar will help participants identify and utilize the Power of Acknowledgment throughout their professional lives. Benefits include:

  • Immediately improving relationships with colleagues and team members
  • Enhancing employee engagement using acknowledgment as a critical tool and focus
  • Developing personal leadership capabilities using acknowledgment in the workplace
  • Observing the strong business case for acknowledgment and participating in a case study to drive home the need to incorporate it into the workplace
  • Increasing productivity and well-being in the workplace by identifying opportunities to enhance employee engagement

What You Will Learn
Upon completion of this webinar, the participants will learn:

  • To identify and define two of the seven major principles of acknowledgment (as outlined in the book The Power of Acknowledgment, IIL Publishing, New York)
  • Understanding the need for acknowledgment in creating a culture of appreciation within an organization or team
  • Defining “acknowledgment” and understanding its profound, far-reaching benefits
  • Overcoming the barriers to acknowledgment
  • Demonstrating the language and subtleties of authentic and heartfelt acknowledgment behavior
  • Describing how to coach teams managers, and other corporate stakeholders in using the Power of Acknowledgment to produce breakthrough results

Who Should Attend
Managers, supervisors, staff, or anyone involved in communicating and negotiating with stakeholders, project teams, or other departments would benefit from this webinar. In addition, project managers who must improve their ability to communicate and influence decisions, as well as read out on project progress, should find the webinar interesting and helpful.

Our Presenters
The outstanding quality of our faculty serves as the hallmark of IIL, distinguishing us in our profession. Our webinar presenters are elite in terms of their extensive industry backgrounds as well as practical classroom experience. Your presenter will communicate real-world knowledge that imparts a sense of fun and discovery – preparing and motivating you to apply your new skills in the workplace.

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