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Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
Managing Conflict Virtually
IIL Learning Center
Course No.:
1 hour session
Credits: 1.0 PDU

About This Webinar
Explore how the complexity of working virtually can fuel conflict, and how best to prevent and resolve conflict if it arises.

In this webinar, we will examine the components of the communication model that get taxed when teams work virtually. You will also gain an understanding of how ground rules, relationship deposits and mindshare serve as preventative measures to conflict.

If a conflict occurs when working virtually, understand what steps to take to resolve the issue and learn from the incident to prevent it from happening again.

What You Will Learn
Upon completion of this webinar, the participants will be able to:

  • Define the various parts of the Communication Model, and explore the level of complexity added by  working virtually
  • Describe the impact of working virtually on managing conflict
  • Understand various conflict resolution strategies
  • Discuss some best practices for managing conflict virtually

Our Presenters
The outstanding quality of our faculty serves as the hallmark of IIL, distinguishing us in our profession. Our webinar presenters are elite in terms of their extensive industry backgrounds as well as practical classroom experience. Your presenter will communicate real-world knowledge that imparts a sense of fun and discovery preparing and motivating you to apply your new skills in the workplace.

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